SJH Collection

Pay attention to these rifles. Every one of them are 95% or better, kept by a very capable firearms collector. Many are match grade or rare examples of a more common copy, and all of them are collector grade firearms. Always stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment, and never taken afield. Some are quite rare, and others, while more common, are among the finest examples available.

This owner accepts reasonable offers.

Winchester 1885, .22 Hornet, scope mounts installed, octagon barrel. $1900.
Ruger #1, .458 Winchester Magnum, scope mount installed $950
Ruger #1, .32-40 cal, heavy barrel, scope mounts installed. $990 (Can be paired with Lyman scope below, $1200)
Ruger #3, .22 Hornet, scope mounts installed $890
Ruger #1, .38-56 cal, heavy barrel, scope mounts installed, $990 (Can be paired with Leupold 8x below, $1200)
Browning 1885 BPCR .40-65 target cal, with mounted Leupold scope Excellent+ Japanese manufactured, $2100
Browning 1885 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle .32-40 cal, with mounted Redfield 5-star scope Excellent+, $2000
C. Sharps, .40-70 cal, with scope mounts, heavy octagon barrel, $2300 (With J. Unertl 12 scope below, $3200)
Meacham Hi Wall, .38-56 Match, scope mounts installed, heavy octagon barrel, $2900
C. Sharps, .40 Sharps cal, heavy octagon barrel, $2200
Taurus Model 63, .22LR, Excellent+ with original box, rear flip up tang sights $300
Unertl BV-20 rifle scope, with original rings/mounts, Excellent+ $1000
J. Unertl 12x scope, vintage, Excellent+ condition with all hardware incl. metal screw-on end caps $900
Leupold M8, 4x fixed power scope, Excellent condition $290
Lyman All American 10x scope, Very Good to Excellent, $300
Leupold 8x Fixed scope, Excellent condition $300
Leupold 12x Fixed scope, Excellent condition $350